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Beer's Frequently Asked Questions

Beer's Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our company and our beers.


Where can I buy Stoneys Beer?

Please see our Where to Buy page for all the participating locations that sell Stoneys Beer?

Where can I get some Stoneys Beer gear?

Check out our newly launched online store where you can find apparel, glassware, novelties, and more. Wear your Stoneys with pride!

When was Stoneys Beer first brewed?

1881 in Sutersville, Pennslyvania.

How many different beers does Stoneys brew?

As of right now, we have four continuous brews: Stoneys Premium Lager, Stoneys Premium Light Lager, Stoneys Premuim Dark Lager, and Gold Crown Premium Beer. Check our news and events for our seasonal brews as they come available.