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Our Beer

Stoneys Beer - Premium Lagers and Beer

Stoneys Beer brews the stuff you need to have more than an ordinary drinking experience. Read below to see our current beer and lagers and start picking your favorite today. Ranging from crisp to bold, we have something for every working pallet.


Stoney's Beer Lineup

Stoney's Premium Lager

Stoney's is a classic American Lager with European roots. Crisp, clean and slightly bitter, it is appetizing yet refreshing and thirst quenching. The finest American grains are used for brewing and the domestic hops add the slight bitterness.

Nutrition Information:

  • 4.6% Alcohol by Volume
  • Under 10g Carbohydrates
  • Approx. 1g Protein


Stoney's Dark

Stoney's Light Premium Lager

Stoney's Light is a Premium Light American Lager. Stoney's Light is brewed specifically to ensure a refreshing beer with a crisp, clean, light finish. With 90 Calories and low carbohydrates.

Nutrition Information:

  • 4.3% Alcohol by Volume
  • Approx. 90 Calories
  • Under 5g Carbohydrate
  • Approx. 1g Protein


Stoney's Dark

Stoney's Dark Premium Lager

Ask your local bartender for a Stoneys Dark Draft today! A dark brown caramel malt brew that is sure to please any beer Connoisseur's tastes.

Nutrition Information:

  • 4.7% Alcohol by Volume
  • Approx. 150 Calories
  • Approx. 12g Carbohydrate
  • Approx. 1.5g Protein


Gold Crown

Gold Crown Premium Beer

A traditional Golden lager with a light, crisp finish that's great for any occasion.

Nutrition Information:

  • 4.5% Alcohol by Volume
  • Approx. 140 Calories
  • Under 10g Carbohydrate
  • Approx. 1.2g Protein