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A Working Class Beer that doesn't Tap Out

The Beer for you for Over 100 Years and Counting

What does it mean to be a working class beer? It means having the wherewithal to stick to your guns, stand up in the face of competition, and have an ethic to brewing beer the way beer should taste. Crisp, clean, and uncompromising. After all, we didn't become one of America's oldest local brewers by letting the man push us around.

As one of the finest local brewed beers in the Tri-State area, Stoney's is a classic of American resolve. In over 100 years, we may have been down, but we've never tapped out. Because you never have. And that's why we're your beer.

And don't forget, we now offer Stoney's Light, with the same cool and crisp flavor as the traditional Stoney's, but with a fraction of the calories. Visit our online store and show your Stoney's pride today.