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A brief history of Stoney's

Your beer for Over 100 Years and Counting

Legend has it that in 1881, The Jones Brewing Co. was founded when William B. "Stoney" Jones, a Welsh immigrant, won the brewery in a friendly game of poker in Sutersville, PA. Originally, Jones Brewing Co. was Eureka Brewing Company, and the beer brewed was Eureka Gold Crown Beer. Incidentally, the growing population of immigrants of the area found it hard to pronounce "Eureka", so they began asking for "Stoney's" beer, referencing the owner's nickname instead. Thus, Stoney's Beer was born.

The Brewery operated in Sutersville, PA until 1907 when it moved south down the Youghiogheny River to Smithton, PA. There, not only was the popular beer brewed, but it was also the place where Smithton and the surrounding communities received most of its water and ice. This helped keep the doors of Jones Brewing Co. open during the prohibition era of the 1930's. Post prohibition, due to public outcry and lack of tax money generated, Jones Brewing Co. devoted itself to the brewing and distributing of the distinct brands of "Stoney's" beers.

Stoney's Beer is an "Old World" brew, as it was modeled after the beer styles of many of the immigrants that came to the United States. Stoney's Beer has always represented the ideals of the American Dream and relishes in the fact that many of its loyal customers are hardworking, "Blue Collar" citizens. Stoney Jones, with these ideals in mind, produced the brewing process for his beers. A little unknown fact was that Stoney was a diabetic and his special brewing process left out added sugars and preservatives. That being unique enough, Jones Brewing was also the first to create an American Dry Beer.

Jones Brewing Company's marketing success relies primarily on "grass roots" initiatives. This means that the company relies on its loyal customers and the products' visibility in the local Western Pennsylvania community. For instance, one of the company's high priorities is to support local bands, festivals, fairs, and an array of the community's causes. Jones Brewing Co. is proud to claim that they are a true, neighborhood beer, which advertises locally, and never promotes any other city's sport's teams. They are loyal to their region's hockey, football, and baseball players. Jones Brewing also supports local businesses, fire halls, ethnic clubs and fraternal orders specific to Western Pennsylvania.

Although Jones Brewing Company's roots run deep in Western Pennsylvania, its brands have made an impression throughout the country. Stoney's Beer and Stoney's Light Beer have been featured in many television shows and movies such as Three Rivers starring Bruce Willis, My Name is Earl, and the award winning show, Northern Exposure. Jones Brewing Co. has other ties to Hollywood, most notably with Shirley Jones, the actress of the show The Partridge Family. She is the granddaughter of Stoney Jones and occasionally still visits the brewery in Smithton.

Not only popular in Hollywood, the brands of Jones Brewing Co. have been recognized for their quality at many beer competitions. They have won select awards such as the silver medal at the International beer Tasting Contest, the silver medal for Best American Lager at the Great American Beer Festival, and the bronze medal for the Greatest American Lager at the Great American Beer Festival.

Throughout the years, Stoney's beers have been a staple of the local community, a representative of the hardworking, "Blue Collar" men and women, and an example of the American Dream. They pride themselves in the quality, consistency, and the loyalty to the Western Pennsylvanian region. Currently, Jones Brewing products are proudly produced at CHC Latrobe, which was previously The Latrobe Brewing Co. Producing at the plant in Latrobe causes the brands to return to their roots and the company couldn't be happier about this fact. Jones Brewing Company, your true local beer is owned, brewed, and packaged in Westmoreland County and is distributed throughout Western Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area.