November 27, 2017

Stoney’s Brewing Company is celebrating the “Roll Out The Stoney’s” – the 110 Year History of Stoney’s book release this Wednesday November 29th at the Primanti Brothers on Racetrack Road from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Author David Finoli considers himself more of a historian than an author. So when he was presented with the opportunity to write a book about the history of Stoney’s Brewing Company, he hopped at the chance. The evening’s festivities will include a book signing and discussion with Finoli, books, hats and t-shirts giveaways and discounts on Stoney’s Premium and Light Beers.

“I was unsure at first about writing this story, but it was so interesting that I really got enthralled with it,” said David Finoli, of Greensburg, said. “You never know where a story is going to take you.” Roll Out The Stoney’s: The Story of Stoney’s Beer starts in Smithton, a borough in Westmoreland County, in 1907 Legend has it that William B. “Stoney” Jones won the Eureka Gold Crown Brewery in a card game and then renamed the beer after his nickname. The story has some unimaginable twists and turns, including bootlegging, “Mickey’s”, robbery, fraud, bankruptcy and several unexpected and tragic deaths within the owner’s family. From tragedy and the depression, the Jones family produces some of Western Pennsylvania’s most iconic beers and one of the country’s most celebrated actresses, Shirley Jones. It is a story about life, survival and rebirth including the details leading to the recent release of the rebranded product.

Earlier this year, Stoney’s Brewing Company acquired the trademark and license to brew and sell Stoney’s Premium and Stoney’s Light Beer. This acquisition brought the return of the Jones’ family to the manufacture and distribution of Stoney’s. Stoney’s Brewing Company was formed in partnership with John LaCarte, President of LaCarte Enterprises, Inc. and Jon King, great-grandson of William Benjamin “Stoney” Jones.


Since the announcement John LaCarte, CEO and Jon King, President of Stoney’s Brewing Company have been busy working on the rebirth and relaunch of Stoney’s Premium and Light Beer. “The initial response we have received to the new Stoney’s Premium and Stoney’s Light, has been overwhelming.  Production has more than doubled from the same period last year.” said John LaCarte CEO of Stoney’s Brewing Company.


We have implemented a new sales and marketing direction for Stoney’s Brewing Company centered on building upon the strong emotional connection that exists among loyal Stoney’s patrons and introducing Stoney’s Pure. Honest. Beer. to a new generation of consumers. We have been working closely with our wholesale distributors to grow the availability of Stoney’s at beer distributors, bars, clubs and retail outlets.” It is great to have Stoney’s back in the family locally brewed and locally owned” said Jon King President of Stoney’s Brewing Company.


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About Stoney’s Brewing Company – On March 31st 2017 Stoney’s Brewing Company acquired the trademarks and license to brew and sell Stoney’s Premium and Stoney’s Light Beer from Jones Brewing Company. This was the return of Jones Brewing Company to ownership by Jones family with purchase by Jon King, great-grandson of Stoney Jones, in partnership with John LaCarte, LaCarte Enterprises. Greg King (Jon’s brother and great-grandson of Stoney Jones) will once again serve as brewmaster. The LaCarte and King/Jones family histories have been intertwined in Smithton and Stoney’s Beer since the 1907.

When Jon King (Stoney Jones’ great-grandson) mentioned to John LaCarte that he was interested in buying back the brewery, John jumped on the opportunity. The sense of ownership goes back four generations. This is more than a business to both the King and LaCarte families.

About LaCarte Enterprises – LaCarte Enterprises, Inc. is a Pennsylvania Corporation that was founded 46 years ago and purchased a single dry cleaning location in Charleroi, Pennsylvania in 1986. Today Model Cleaners is the Region’s largest family owned dry cleaning operation with 14 dry-cleaning locations offering free pickup and delivery services to more than 95 communities in Western Pennsylvania and Morgantown West Virginia. They also operate a similar sized dry cleaning and laundry business in Northeastern Ohio operating under the brand Fussy Cleaners. In addition to its dry cleaning division, Model also operates a Uniform Rental Division ( and a Model Apparel division ( for companies looking to enhance the image of their employees. Model started with five employees and now employs over 300 people across all divisions. LaCarte Enterprises has received numerous awards and recognitions including 2013 Regional Entrepreneur of the Year by EY in and the 2016 Family Business of the Year in the 226 – 400 employee category by The Pittsburgh Business Times.




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