Our history: a story of a family, a nation and a beer.

Hard work built our country. But, sometimes, hard work can use a little luck. In 1907, our founder, William B. “Stoney” Jones was playing a friendly game of poker. Hours passed, fortunes turned, and Stoney walked out with the deed to the Eureka Gold Crown Brewery in his pocket. Stoney went to work crafting the best all-malt Old World Beer he could brew. And it didn’t take too long before people started asking for “Stoney’s Beer.” Our hard-working tradition and our pure honest taste live on to this day. That’s why, all these years later, you can’t lose with a Stoney’s in your hand.


Eureka Brewing Company (Sutersville, PA) brews “Eureka Gold Crown” beer.


After winning it one night in a poker game, William Benjamin “Stoney” Jones moves Eureka Brewing to Smithton, PA Locals begin asking for “One of Stoney’s beers!”

Joseph Ferrando owns a hotel and livery in Smithton, PA. He used his horses and wagons to haul Eureka. And we like to think he served it too.


W. B. Jones, Jr, Stoney’s son and manager of the Eureka Brewing Company was arrested for bootlegging and is released on $3000 bail. This might explain how the brewery managed to survive Prohibition so well.


Prohibition ends. To celebrate, Stoney Jones renames the brewery Jones Brewing Company. And he rebrands his best selling beer with the name people had been calling it for years: Stoney’s. Stoney Jones would run Jones Brewery until his death in 1936.

Also in 1933, Joseph Ferrando died unexpectedly. To support the family, his eldest son Gildo goes to work at the brewery.


Shirley Jones, Stoney’s granddaughter and eventually Smithton’s most famous native daughter, is born on March 31. In just a few years, she’ll be babysat by Emma Ferrando, and this is where things get interesting. Some 80ish years later, Emma’s grandson, John LaCarte, will buy the brewery that Shirley’s Grandfather founded. Life’s crazy like that.


“Stoney” Jones dies and his son, William Benjamin Jones, Jr., takes over Jones Brewing operations and leads company until his death in 1965.


Starting with World War Two vets, and continuing today, Stoney’s becomes a fixture in local VFWs around the area. Up through today, we’re proud to Welcome our heroes home from serving our country.


Mr. Smoothie makes his debut in Stoney’s ads and the Pirates win the World Series. Some folks say he looks a little like Stoney himself. In a way, his smile reminds us of everyone who’s shared a Stoney’s and a story with good friends.


William Benjamin Jones, III, takes the helm and leads Jones Brewing Company until his death in 1986.


Shirley Jones appears in a little TV program called The Partridge Family. You’ve likely heard of it.


The fourth generation makes an impression. Greg King (Stoney’s great-grandson) begins working for the brewery during high school and college.


Another fourth-generation family member joins the team. Jon King begins working at the brewery through his high school and college years. Decades later, he’ll bring together the LaCarte family to start a new chapter in the Stoney’s story.


Pittsburgh is labeled ‘The City of Champions.’ Stoney’s has always been a part of the city’s celebrations. And we love being part of every one.


Ed Hogan (son-in-law of Stoney Jones’ daughter) takes over leadership of Jones Brewing Company.


Stoney’s releases the first light beer good enough to carry our name: Stoney’s Light.


Greg King, a fourth generation Jones, is promoted to brewmaster from assistant brewmaster and quality assurance manager having worked for the company for 12 years.


Gabby & Sandy Podlucky purchase Jones Brewing Company and continue to run it in the tradition of the Jones family. Greg King continues as brewmaster until 1995.


Stoney’s releases Esquire Dry, one of the first ‘dry’ brewed beers in the United States. We still think of it as one of the best.


Took second and third place honors at the 14th annual International Beer Tasting And Judging with Stoney’s Premium and Esquire Extra Dry.


Stoney’s again takes honors. This time at the Great American Beer Festival. Esquire Extra Dry, Stoney’s and Stoney’s Light all took silver.

2012 – 2014

Stoney’s light wins silver at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition in 2012, and in 2014 Stoney’s light wins gold at the Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition. And Stoney’s premium won the bronze.


Jones Brewing Company returns to ownership by Jones family with a purchase by Jon King, great-grandson of Stoney Jones, in partnership with John LaCarte (Emma Ferrandos’ grandson). Greg King (Jon’s brother and great-grandson of Stoney Jones) will once again serve as brewmaster.

The LaCarte and King/Jones family histories have been intertwined in Smithton from the beginning. When Jon King (Stoney Jones’ great-grandson) mentioned to John LaCarte that he was interested in buying back the brewery, John jumped at the opportunity, “The sense of ownership goes back four generations. This is more than a business. Stoney’s has always been part of our family.